Opublikowany: 17/01/2024

Zostań członkiem IAPRD!


Zostań członkiem International Association of Parkinsonism & Related Disorders (IAPRD). Specjalna oferta dla młodych neurologów!

Please join International Association of Parkinsonism & Related Disorders (IAPRD). Special offer to young neurologists (under 35): "To be admitted as a Junior Member, the candidate must be undergoing  professional training in the general area of parkinsonism and related  disorders, be under 35 years of age, and declare that they endorse the  objectives of the association. Junior Members do not pay dues"

The IAPRD new website address is: iaprd-parkinson.org

Please join the congress in Lisbon as well:  www.iaprd-world-congress.com

See the highly attractive scientific and educational program

Students, Residents, Trainees and Fellows fee: ONLY € 50

Join us at Lisbon and join IAPRD!

prof. Jarosław Sławek
Secretary of IAPRD