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konferencja Kontrowersje w HD

19 grudnia 2019

Szanowni Państwo,

w imieniu organizatorów serdecznie zapraszamy na konferencję Kontrowersje w HD, która odbędzie się w Wiedniu 13-14 lutego 2020 roku. Poniżej informacja od organizatorów wraz z 30% bonifikatą opłaty zjazdowej:

The conference aims to increase the awareness and interest around main aspects and address controversial questions about Huntington’s Disease.

There are many issues that need to be resolved to improve the outcome of the disease; the clinical onset and the possible interventions in the preclinical stage of the disease, the clinical symptoms of preclinical stage, the real efficacy of drugs as a result of present and past trials, the rehabilitative approach, the clinical expression and treatment of pain. The program will provide an opportunity to hear expert opinion on questions such as; ‘May We Predict Clinical Phenotypes?’Can We Improve Huntington’s Disease Outcome by Symptomatic Treatments?Are There Realistic Treatment Perspectives in Huntington’s Disease?, amongst others.

You can view the preliminary program HEREWITH.

Please take advantage of the special 30% discount offer and early registration date to get the lowest rate possible and register now, using the link and code below. I hope to see you in Vienna!

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